sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

It takes more than just breathing, you have to fall in love with it, living ...

Something died in me
and it's never coming back
It gets harder to find your path
Once you fall off track ...
The winds have changed
So did I
You haunt me once again
to remind me how it is to cry
It has been too long
but not long enough
You're not ready for the truth,
Must confess
Couldn't care less
at ease
I'm not here to please
your existence your grace
You're mistaken, get back to
your place
I'm offering the easy way out
I'm done, where's the doubt?
Do you need me to scream it?
Do I have to shout?!
Bitch, I'm so out !!

It's purely
And I'm the one
whose crazy
This little lady
just kissed you goodnight
Just waved goodbye
Don't waste your time
Don't bother to try
With so much out there
why would we stay stuck with a lie?
I intend to stretch my wings
and fly high
soar the sky
reach for the stars
land on the moon
No, I don't think I'll be
available anytime soon
I'm off, I'll be dreaming
I guess
I'm finally leaving
I know now
it takes more than just breathing
you have to fall in love with it,
living ...


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