sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2016

No apologies

No apologies
'cause he was never sure
At least he said, she said,
it became nothing but a blur
this so called love,
building castles in the sky
then they ripped our wings out,
Can't fly !
No apologies
You fucked me up
Not knowing how I feel
It's only fair, tough luck
Throwing my arms around you or
squeezing your neck
Love or hate
Place your bet
Starcrossed or just one more
Schhh I haven't made up
my mind yet !
No apologies asked,
no excuses
And who am I kidding
I do need these muses
No apologies owed
'cause I paid my dues
You have a lot of nerve coming here
preaching about truce

Now you need me,
But now I don't
I don't trust them
if they front
No apologies 'cause
fuck it I'm not sorry
It was indeed a hell of a story
Two handsome devils
in all their glory;
I do apologize to the ghosts of the past
They did warn me that this
wouldn't last
And to tell the truth dear
for you I pretended I couldn't hear
All I could hear were those strings
Our very own soundtrack
Where we hit the road Jack
throw it all behind our backs
No apologies for just letting it go
I asked about how it all happened
He says I don't know
Stopped loving me, doesn't even
know how long ago
I do apologize for not being
quick enough
I do not give up easily
I'm used to taking it rough
But I should've had taken the hint,
first clue
There was just a me and no you

Sometimes I wonder
What if wasn't me
it would all be so different
you see
If I didn't do what I'm doing
This doesn't make any sense I know
I do love who I grew up to be,
don't get me wrong
I'm just scared, what if I don't
fit in this song?
What if I've been mistaken all along?
What then? No apologies,
come what may
No apologies no matter what
they say
Who cares anyway?



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