sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

Some kind of fever

What it was can't help you
understand what it is ....

My heartbeat still remembers your voice
but this kind of loving will never be good enough
We don't stand a chance, we weren't given a choice
Blood stained dress
I thought about it once or twice,
I must confess
Somekind of fever, kneeled to the weakness
that fire that took over my soul
that kind of love that left a hole

You're King of nothing
and I'm the ruler of a wasted land
You have to look the devil in the eye
to understand
You're going nowhere with your head
buried in the sand
I can deal with your lack of strength
but not with your absence
Begging for forgiveness, without
accepting the mistake is purely nonsense
I was preaching to the choir
ended up running as well
I've already licked those flames
down in your personal hell
Baby was put in the corner, left alone
You were up there on your throne
Too selfish to throw this dog a bone
too busy suffering on your own ...

Yes, I'm fascinating ain't I?
I can see it in your eyes
no need to lie
And you try
But you'll never figure me out
before learning how to fly
this high !


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