terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Tomorrow's blissful promise

Yes, I know exactly how you feel
Here's the deal
You're sick of your work place
Tired of that same face everyday, same drama
same problem to solve
How am I supposed to evolve?
Same songs on the radio,
Same chorus, but it was supposed to be a new song
and there we go along
knowing it feels wrong
artificial smile, the usual mask of the day
You hate it, and it seems so easy to just walk away
Pack your shit, and be gone
Moving on
The weight of the world on your back
responsabilities strike
yes, you forgot about that
You carry on, one more day, one more week,
one more year
Face it, you're stuck dear
Surrended to fear
Afraid of rejection, and never
making it elsewhere
You cry a river or two, 'cause this
isn't fair
and the hardest part is that you
are aware
that there is so much more
out there

At 16 I didn't want to go to college.
I wanted to be a rapper
Needless to say that that story
didn't end as happily ever after
That was a sad chapter
the crush of a dream
the colapse of an ideal
and it never fades away, and it's never real
but you don't back down
'cause everytime I lay down these rhymes
I still wear the crown
I fell only to get back up
and why am I stuck now?
and how
do I get the fuck out?
How will I reach for the light
when I'm so used to the dark ?
How will I recognize the spark ?
If I feel too tired to fight
And I'm just too young to sell my dreams away
too courageous to just stay
Fuck it ! Tomorrow's a brand new day
I'll be okay ...


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