sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2016

Glad I'm not you

So you're having a bad day
and you do believe that
that makes it okay
to treat others like shit
'cause you feel like the next big hit
you want to teach me ?
let me enlight a thing or two
you are trash lady, so fuck you !
So sick of those that think they know it all
You are so high over there it's a bigger fall
No class just bitchin' your way through
and that's the humongous
difference between me and you !
That's a good thing in case you have
any doubt
Come on now I hear you perfectly
no need to shout

Ohhh society
So lovely
So concerned with their egos to actually see
how silly
you end up to be
So arrogant and self centered
stuck up
Careful now you might run
out of luck
You don't knw who I am
So don't even assume you do
I'm smiling yes
'cause I'm glad I'm not you !

Respect comes and goes
one way street doesn't work
Do you know where you can
stick that smerk ?
You are frustrated
You feel that you've been underrated
And this whole persona that you created
it's just too nasty
for your own sake
You're the type that buries
the head in deep shit 'till it's too late
There's s much at stake
You're a fake
something they demanded
you gladly followed the script
So now it's at me you're throwing a fit
Well tough luck that's just shit !


quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016

Never fail to impress

First things first, once upon a time
we pretended to know what love is,
an ugly crime ...
Oh we were happy baby
and so naive
a bunch of lost boys
playing make believe
Gee King, I think I just saw a zebra ;
that cocaine
Yes Doc. it's time to suppress the pain
We don't want to remember, we do want
to forget
You can't tell it apart, life lesson or regret ?
Still know what you like
and out of spite
You never fail to impress
hooked on the thrill, do confess ...

Always able to teach a thing or two
tell them how we do
it, this and that
I've got your back
the applause after each track
legendary's first fact
then they come to take
what you've got, once you blink
it's already too late

Damn woman it doesn't take all that
You want him that bad, you can have him
no need for a knife in my back
Aces love, you can have that Jack
I do love these rollercoasters
thanks for the ride
You can have him I'll stick
to my pride
The freak doesn't walk on a leash
so save us the speech bitch !
Why would I want any of this,
there's no loyalty
and you should already know that ain't me!
I hope you're happy  'cause
there are no refunds here
You got what you wished for my dear
Not happy ? Well tough luck
'cause we, the crazy ones, don't give a fuck
Oh what now ? You're sorry ?
Please tell me more, that sounds
like a hell of a story
The washed up fifteen minutes
of pure glory
I won't stretch a finger, let along the whole hand
Copy that ? Is your small brain able to understand ?
We are done, through
there's no us, just sad little old you
Your choices, therefore
nothing I can do ...


quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016

Wrong side of the gun

The weakness, the fragility
Is taking the best of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
The majority of my sanity
Was left behind ...
Alice got trapped in a paralel world
Foolish enough to trust anothers word
It was kindness not stupidity
Yes you are most certainly
Confusing me,
Can't face the reflexion but so fit
to judge another
So sorry God but he's not my brother
That other one is actually kind of my
sworn enemy
So hell no! Not related to me
not admiting that you are fucked up in the head
not facing those monsters under the bed
Drives me absolutly mad
So grow a pair
Call it challenge, call it dare
Just do it and better make it fast
I don't know how long my patience will last

You laughed loudly, you had fun
Not so happy now while on the
wrong side of the gun
You loaded up by spitting in the air
acting too tough to care
Stroke by lightning, you didn't believe
it would strike twice
Karma rarely plays nice
Now wash it down
let's forget
not a single memory left
same goes for regret
No more smerks; mere mortal
and a really high horse
a harder fall of course
We are the same
then why pointing fingers
and dissecting whose to blame ?
Both got burnt by the same
kind of flame
We both played the game
We hurt 'cause we are too afraid
We drown in the mess we made
I'm not like those other girls
and you're not like those other guys
The ones we feed ourselves with
are the prettiest lies ...
We could never get past
those first goodbyes


terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2016

Went cold turkey on love ...

There's that moment,
that glitch
No feelings anymore, and I'm sorry
if I strike you as a cold hearted bitch
but now it feels like there's nothing left to do
I hardly think about you ...
I know it hurts more when it's true
I went through the grieving  process
twice in a row
Got stuck with nowhere else to go
the walls kept moving and whispering about you
A constant battle
What will I do?
Cold sweats, high fever
Everything was constantly foggy
nothing would come clearer
and those demons told me come nearer
Oh darling
you cry your eyes out, waiting, always a believer
that you were worth it all,
each painful fall
it's easier than to admit
that it was never good enough of a reason
to stay at the bottom of the pit
You ran so quick
How could it be ?
Is this it ?
The great love ? The legendary story
we fought for
and then all of a sudden
You don't feel it anymore
You gladly smile 'cause it's over, it's done
still of course we did have fun
You, who thought of revenge,
discovered something way better ...

Not caring, and showing it with nothing to lose
Me not putting up with the drama, 'cause loving you
is no longer an excuse
It finally healed each bruise, disappeared
The long due outcome, was finally revealed
I just don't give a fuck
like I used to
Yes don't worry it's me not you
I love the clichés too
Don't really care if the truth hurts your feelings,
no not anymore
yes we need to outgrow what we had before
Don't start crying, such a bore
I'm sorry if my world doesn't revolve
around you
But what did you expect me to do ?
Sit tight, waiting for you to throw a bone ?
Once you realize that sadly you got left alone
No thanks, I've got places to go, people to see
You keep on wondering about me
I'm over that homie ...


domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Crooked piece

You're going far kid
remember I told you so
Watch me as I go
Tick tack
Bound to blow
an amazing show
A monster inside a tiny body
A legend, more than a story
There's no stopping it now
You don't even know how
Forever stuck in your brain
You can never forget the name
Forever branded, that wicked flame
That special, that crazy
undoubtedly your favorite lady

Those voices are what makes me unique
those words that accompany
my heartbeat
Still going strong
much more to show
I'll prove you wrong
so much to give,
When you think I've already
lasted too long;
those who believed, those who
were there, have a seat at the table
For the rest of you I might not have the time
I may not be able
I don't fit, I'm a crooked piece
and that my dear
is pure bliss
I do not belong
But why is that wrong ?

I'm still learning everyday,
it may not be in the easiest way
My heart has been broken too
lay your head down,
I was hurt too
That burnt portrait,
that crushed soul
that emptiness
creating this deep hole
I waited for you to come back
and time sets the worst trap
We can't go back there
It died a long time ago
We do have to learn how to let go
I ought to start to say no
It's way back there, gone
Let's just move on,
rip that page out
Burn it so there's no doubt
let's wave goodbye
while the smoke fades
into the sky

Buried that dream in the ashtray
last night
only one of us knew how to fight


domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Page 2

Dead Zone Intro

Welcome to the dead zone
poetically, painful
Throw that dog a bone
Scrambled brain
pitch black
If it's gone already
how can you expect it back?
Regrets? Naaa
Remorses or such?
Nope, nothing much
Got along with the monsters
Made peace with the demons
long time ago
but judging by your smile
that you already know ,
Well, what else is new
the sky is still blue
they still fight over the same shit
that kind of mentality still
makes me sick
Can no longer pretend,
put on a smile
endure it for a little while
just wave as they walk by
and sometimes I do try
so hard it almost makes me cry
never lasts long, and then I'll need to get high
and kiss this sad reality goodbye

You try to forget
it's easier, yes you can fucking bet on that
to just simply let go
You said it yourself
it was a hell of a show
but that's not love, hell no !
Faith locked up in the tower,
spread the wings, be free
it's a fact, you can live happily
Crossroad, what the heck
am I gonna do?
For a change let's choose myself over you
What a mess, are they actually right?
This tunel is too long, and where's the damn light?
But smoke it up, smoke the pain away
Tomorrow will be a brand new day
We're very glad to be here
Good news folks, we made it
High price, but we payed it
a lot of sweat, burying dreams around
but never with my feet on the ground
Hush now darling, make no sound
We made it this far
Look at where we are !

When it comes to you bitch
you owe me a thank you and an apology
just that, don't pretend you're actually sorry,
To you ... well ...
what the hell
I'm just gonna come clean,
and I'm sorry if it sounds mean
it would've never worked
it could never be
You know ... this you and me
but thanks, it was fun
learned a lot
still, love me not
He was right, different games,
different league
But yes we dream big
and then we dig
searching for a shred of
an emotion to feel
something that is real
willing to strike a deal
with the devil himself,
you kneel
you crawl, and once you realize it,
it might be too late
'cause by then another lost soul
bit the baite
anothers heart is now at stake
so you sketch a portrait, entirely fake
fight hard to save a love
unexisting from the start
Merely based on a quick
Ladies and gentlemen, that's art
A rare talent, the one of deceive
playing make believe
fooling the heart
but it only lasts a little while
Go ahead, and just smile ...


sábado, 9 de julho de 2016

Tiquesa's Debut


Once upon a time there was a cute baby cat on the streets, 
all alone and then he found a home,
 a family and my magic slippers xD

Welcome to Tico's Corner aka Tiquesa the little Lucifer ... 
Starring in ... The life of a cat xDDD

Munchies Kicking in !