domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Crooked piece

You're going far kid
remember I told you so
Watch me as I go
Tick tack
Bound to blow
an amazing show
A monster inside a tiny body
A legend, more than a story
There's no stopping it now
You don't even know how
Forever stuck in your brain
You can never forget the name
Forever branded, that wicked flame
That special, that crazy
undoubtedly your favorite lady

Those voices are what makes me unique
those words that accompany
my heartbeat
Still going strong
much more to show
I'll prove you wrong
so much to give,
When you think I've already
lasted too long;
those who believed, those who
were there, have a seat at the table
For the rest of you I might not have the time
I may not be able
I don't fit, I'm a crooked piece
and that my dear
is pure bliss
I do not belong
But why is that wrong ?

I'm still learning everyday,
it may not be in the easiest way
My heart has been broken too
lay your head down,
I was hurt too
That burnt portrait,
that crushed soul
that emptiness
creating this deep hole
I waited for you to come back
and time sets the worst trap
We can't go back there
It died a long time ago
We do have to learn how to let go
I ought to start to say no
It's way back there, gone
Let's just move on,
rip that page out
Burn it so there's no doubt
let's wave goodbye
while the smoke fades
into the sky

Buried that dream in the ashtray
last night
only one of us knew how to fight


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