domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Dead Zone Intro

Welcome to the dead zone
poetically, painful
Throw that dog a bone
Scrambled brain
pitch black
If it's gone already
how can you expect it back?
Regrets? Naaa
Remorses or such?
Nope, nothing much
Got along with the monsters
Made peace with the demons
long time ago
but judging by your smile
that you already know ,
Well, what else is new
the sky is still blue
they still fight over the same shit
that kind of mentality still
makes me sick
Can no longer pretend,
put on a smile
endure it for a little while
just wave as they walk by
and sometimes I do try
so hard it almost makes me cry
never lasts long, and then I'll need to get high
and kiss this sad reality goodbye

You try to forget
it's easier, yes you can fucking bet on that
to just simply let go
You said it yourself
it was a hell of a show
but that's not love, hell no !
Faith locked up in the tower,
spread the wings, be free
it's a fact, you can live happily
Crossroad, what the heck
am I gonna do?
For a change let's choose myself over you
What a mess, are they actually right?
This tunel is too long, and where's the damn light?
But smoke it up, smoke the pain away
Tomorrow will be a brand new day
We're very glad to be here
Good news folks, we made it
High price, but we payed it
a lot of sweat, burying dreams around
but never with my feet on the ground
Hush now darling, make no sound
We made it this far
Look at where we are !

When it comes to you bitch
you owe me a thank you and an apology
just that, don't pretend you're actually sorry,
To you ... well ...
what the hell
I'm just gonna come clean,
and I'm sorry if it sounds mean
it would've never worked
it could never be
You know ... this you and me
but thanks, it was fun
learned a lot
still, love me not
He was right, different games,
different league
But yes we dream big
and then we dig
searching for a shred of
an emotion to feel
something that is real
willing to strike a deal
with the devil himself,
you kneel
you crawl, and once you realize it,
it might be too late
'cause by then another lost soul
bit the baite
anothers heart is now at stake
so you sketch a portrait, entirely fake
fight hard to save a love
unexisting from the start
Merely based on a quick
Ladies and gentlemen, that's art
A rare talent, the one of deceive
playing make believe
fooling the heart
but it only lasts a little while
Go ahead, and just smile ...


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