sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2016

Glad I'm not you

So you're having a bad day
and you do believe that
that makes it okay
to treat others like shit
'cause you feel like the next big hit
you want to teach me ?
let me enlight a thing or two
you are trash lady, so fuck you !
So sick of those that think they know it all
You are so high over there it's a bigger fall
No class just bitchin' your way through
and that's the humongous
difference between me and you !
That's a good thing in case you have
any doubt
Come on now I hear you perfectly
no need to shout

Ohhh society
So lovely
So concerned with their egos to actually see
how silly
you end up to be
So arrogant and self centered
stuck up
Careful now you might run
out of luck
You don't knw who I am
So don't even assume you do
I'm smiling yes
'cause I'm glad I'm not you !

Respect comes and goes
one way street doesn't work
Do you know where you can
stick that smerk ?
You are frustrated
You feel that you've been underrated
And this whole persona that you created
it's just too nasty
for your own sake
You're the type that buries
the head in deep shit 'till it's too late
There's s much at stake
You're a fake
something they demanded
you gladly followed the script
So now it's at me you're throwing a fit
Well tough luck that's just shit !


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