quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016

Never fail to impress

First things first, once upon a time
we pretended to know what love is,
an ugly crime ...
Oh we were happy baby
and so naive
a bunch of lost boys
playing make believe
Gee King, I think I just saw a zebra ;
that cocaine
Yes Doc. it's time to suppress the pain
We don't want to remember, we do want
to forget
You can't tell it apart, life lesson or regret ?
Still know what you like
and out of spite
You never fail to impress
hooked on the thrill, do confess ...

Always able to teach a thing or two
tell them how we do
it, this and that
I've got your back
the applause after each track
legendary's first fact
then they come to take
what you've got, once you blink
it's already too late

Damn woman it doesn't take all that
You want him that bad, you can have him
no need for a knife in my back
Aces love, you can have that Jack
I do love these rollercoasters
thanks for the ride
You can have him I'll stick
to my pride
The freak doesn't walk on a leash
so save us the speech bitch !
Why would I want any of this,
there's no loyalty
and you should already know that ain't me!
I hope you're happy  'cause
there are no refunds here
You got what you wished for my dear
Not happy ? Well tough luck
'cause we, the crazy ones, don't give a fuck
Oh what now ? You're sorry ?
Please tell me more, that sounds
like a hell of a story
The washed up fifteen minutes
of pure glory
I won't stretch a finger, let along the whole hand
Copy that ? Is your small brain able to understand ?
We are done, through
there's no us, just sad little old you
Your choices, therefore
nothing I can do ...


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