terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2016

Went cold turkey on love ...

There's that moment,
that glitch
No feelings anymore, and I'm sorry
if I strike you as a cold hearted bitch
but now it feels like there's nothing left to do
I hardly think about you ...
I know it hurts more when it's true
I went through the grieving  process
twice in a row
Got stuck with nowhere else to go
the walls kept moving and whispering about you
A constant battle
What will I do?
Cold sweats, high fever
Everything was constantly foggy
nothing would come clearer
and those demons told me come nearer
Oh darling
you cry your eyes out, waiting, always a believer
that you were worth it all,
each painful fall
it's easier than to admit
that it was never good enough of a reason
to stay at the bottom of the pit
You ran so quick
How could it be ?
Is this it ?
The great love ? The legendary story
we fought for
and then all of a sudden
You don't feel it anymore
You gladly smile 'cause it's over, it's done
still of course we did have fun
You, who thought of revenge,
discovered something way better ...

Not caring, and showing it with nothing to lose
Me not putting up with the drama, 'cause loving you
is no longer an excuse
It finally healed each bruise, disappeared
The long due outcome, was finally revealed
I just don't give a fuck
like I used to
Yes don't worry it's me not you
I love the clichés too
Don't really care if the truth hurts your feelings,
no not anymore
yes we need to outgrow what we had before
Don't start crying, such a bore
I'm sorry if my world doesn't revolve
around you
But what did you expect me to do ?
Sit tight, waiting for you to throw a bone ?
Once you realize that sadly you got left alone
No thanks, I've got places to go, people to see
You keep on wondering about me
I'm over that homie ...


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