quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016

Wrong side of the gun

The weakness, the fragility
Is taking the best of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
The majority of my sanity
Was left behind ...
Alice got trapped in a paralel world
Foolish enough to trust anothers word
It was kindness not stupidity
Yes you are most certainly
Confusing me,
Can't face the reflexion but so fit
to judge another
So sorry God but he's not my brother
That other one is actually kind of my
sworn enemy
So hell no! Not related to me
not admiting that you are fucked up in the head
not facing those monsters under the bed
Drives me absolutly mad
So grow a pair
Call it challenge, call it dare
Just do it and better make it fast
I don't know how long my patience will last

You laughed loudly, you had fun
Not so happy now while on the
wrong side of the gun
You loaded up by spitting in the air
acting too tough to care
Stroke by lightning, you didn't believe
it would strike twice
Karma rarely plays nice
Now wash it down
let's forget
not a single memory left
same goes for regret
No more smerks; mere mortal
and a really high horse
a harder fall of course
We are the same
then why pointing fingers
and dissecting whose to blame ?
Both got burnt by the same
kind of flame
We both played the game
We hurt 'cause we are too afraid
We drown in the mess we made
I'm not like those other girls
and you're not like those other guys
The ones we feed ourselves with
are the prettiest lies ...
We could never get past
those first goodbyes


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