domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Sold the soul

Who the fuck do you take me for?
Not love's bitch, no passion's whore
Bad seed down to the core
I've seen this going down before
Big bad wolf 'bout to blow the door
I'll end this show, just like before
I'm the real player,
the puppet master
Don't you go and think I feel shit,
what a disaster
Could you run any faster?
I'm just too much, but don't be afraid dear
Promise not to bite, come over here
Check mate,
before it's too late
Don't even blink mate
there's a lot at stake
Ate your king, shot the queen
I can be really good
when being mean
I know these sick games too well
You forgot who introduced me to
this special kind of hell
There's no way back,
no return
But still, it looks like
we are having fun

Save that speech,
save your breath
Real safe as I did to my wrath
I told you, we forgive
but we never forget
and you're not there, not yet
that bump on the road,
that regret
it's all set
We tried to fool fate
buried the heart in that deep hole
We erased it, sold the soul

Don't you want to grow up
and be just like me ?
Scrambled brain, completly crazy
Gone baby
The voices stayed, I'm not that lonely
Haunted by those ghosts
that will never leave
Do you want a new life to live?
Do you still remember how to breathe?
I forgot, do we forgive?
He said,
That I'm sick in the head
I made my own bed
Time to go to sleep now
You know damn well
that you'll be alright ...


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