sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016


Under fate's radar
Submissive to destiny's thumb
So much pain that you actually go numb
So much chasing, now it's me
who runs away
Now I'm the one who can't stay
Those demons laugh once I dare to pray
They are waiting for the D-day
When all those walls come crumbling down
They want to get their dirty hands
all over my crown
Their wicked smile is on every nightmare
Every time I close my eyes
Waiting for the day when every dream dies
That seduction that compels you to the dark
it tempts even the strongest heart
It wears you out 'till it tears you apart
The chaos runs through it's own kind of art

We are mirrored, the worst and the best
Karma's deranged test
It got me on my knees
'Cause I couldn't take much more
So I beg of you, stop please ...
No gain can come out of this tease
Death's poisonous kiss
Destructive, only to rise again,
coming back for more
but you know you won't win
same as before
Why do you keep kicking a nail shut door ?
Walked all over you while lying on the floor
Kept that flame burning in a damaged core
Bruised up, aiming from too far
Hiding behind a smile,
every battle scar
but you can't hide who you are ...


sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2016


Yes I guess another one
bites the dust
We are all victims of that raw
cruel lust
indeed sir you are playing a
dangerous game
Word on the street is that I'm the
one to blame
Don't you dare to throw a fit at me
you already know how poisonous
this can turn out to be
Let's not measure strength
Rehab is playing on the radio,
we do dare to sing along
We dare to think what the hell
could go wrong ?
Up in smoke , buried in the ashtray
You're scared, but so are they
Maybe in another lifetime
after we learned it all
Maybe I'll be able to pick you up
after you fall ...

You wanted me gone
so that you would move on
then why are you still here ?
Why are you stuck dear ?
Though always under the weather
You know that there's no one that would love you better
Still, loving you means being torn to pieces on the floor
like the guts being ripped out
and always coming back for more
that feeling would make you
forget who you are
an eternal and nasty war
losing who you are,
the entire being
So eager and not seeing
Girl you are bleeding ...

Your devious second thoughts
are taking you nowhere
I'm to blame, tell that to my face !
Damn right it's a dare !
They fear me when all I wanted was respect
You were supposed to have my back
Go ahead and sleep on that ...



quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2016

Nothing nice to say

Teach me how to pray
lead the way
Preach, what do you have to say ?
Washing the sins off their hands
killing in anothers name
there are souls in game
10 commandments, but you've gone bad
Society's fault you say, 'cause we are all mad !

We made them like that
we patted their back
The pricks, the assholes
of this world
Solemnly believe that they have
the last word
They taught us don't trust the strangers
Keep your hands off that candy
But a heads up about those closer to us
would've come handy

I'm nuts, yes true
Not perfect, nothing like you
But why do you care
about what they say ?
You'll keep judging me anyway
So just fuck off, and have a nice day

Once again drifting from the
comfort zone
Driving fast towards the unknown
We are so dumb
in a world so numb
And again
I did hold my breath
I suppressed such wrath
Oh we are all mad in here alright
Nasty war, ugly fight
getting critical
you're cynical

We are who we are
always under the circumstances
Going back to the same old same old
be quiet please, remember that
your silence is gold
When you have nothing nice to say
Smile and politely go on your merry way ...


segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

Let's just watch the rain wash it all away ...

So this is who you are
I'm disapointed
Let's say I'm not impressed
Cute smile, well dressed
Tell me more
haven't we been here before ?
Same story, same path
I remember the love, lust and then wrath
So this is who you are now
I see that you got here but how ?
What happened ? What the hell went wrong ?
It's the same chorus, same song
Same road, same highway to hell
and we know it too well
So this is who you are now, right ?
What happened to the "We will always fight" 
Wasn't it 'till the end
my friend ?
Well pour me one more
before I shut this door
This story they tell,
the real deal
a straight fact
Well don't tell my momma
that I fell for that ...

How do I get out ?
How do I get away ?
I'm done love,
nothing left to say
We tried, we did
Who knew that such old wounds
would still bleed
All I asked was honesty
in return I gave all of me
I'm sinking the sorrows in
an already full ashtray
I guess I'm just sad
No, not even mad
Bored as hell, I was hoping
for a far more interesting ending
Not just some more of this bullshit
where you keep pretending
that you are okay, a normal human being
truth is you're fucked up in the head
and once you hear me singing
Echoing in your brain preaching
to your pain
Maybe, maybe
you would wake up
but that's a huge maybe
can't be bothered to give a fuck !


sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Thy love to sin

Forgive them father
for do thy love to sin
Fucking it all up in your name,
don't know how long it has been
All the profit, all the hands that wash away
guit and blame everyday
Oh but we do pray ...

And then I'll scream
What do you want from me ?
Does it hurt as much as it hurts me ?
Tell me baby
because truthfully
I don't care
I've done that, I was there
Now I'm here to say
Fuck you !
Fuck this shit
Crush this beat
I'm out
Don't care 'bout you anymore
in case you had any doubt
You know what they say
it's no longer worth it anyway

Tell me about how much you need me
it's a lie
Name all the stars after me,
promise me the sky
You can't escape it, it's time
to say goodbye
Tell me 'bout how much you want me,
clean up after your mess
There's no love left, you can kiss my ass
goodbye ...
Tell me 'bout how you miss me
about how amazing this can still be
Avoid the facts as much as you want dearie
I'm gone, evaporated
all of it, has finally faded
There's no encore on this song
no matter how much you feel it's right,
it's still wrong
but still say it, tell me how much
Addicted to that rush
So over that crush
Out of your league, I see it now
But I'll tell you this much
I don't even know how
You can always tell me, preach away
it's never gonna be good enough
of a reason to stay ...