sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016


Under fate's radar
Submissive to destiny's thumb
So much pain that you actually go numb
So much chasing, now it's me
who runs away
Now I'm the one who can't stay
Those demons laugh once I dare to pray
They are waiting for the D-day
When all those walls come crumbling down
They want to get their dirty hands
all over my crown
Their wicked smile is on every nightmare
Every time I close my eyes
Waiting for the day when every dream dies
That seduction that compels you to the dark
it tempts even the strongest heart
It wears you out 'till it tears you apart
The chaos runs through it's own kind of art

We are mirrored, the worst and the best
Karma's deranged test
It got me on my knees
'Cause I couldn't take much more
So I beg of you, stop please ...
No gain can come out of this tease
Death's poisonous kiss
Destructive, only to rise again,
coming back for more
but you know you won't win
same as before
Why do you keep kicking a nail shut door ?
Walked all over you while lying on the floor
Kept that flame burning in a damaged core
Bruised up, aiming from too far
Hiding behind a smile,
every battle scar
but you can't hide who you are ...


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