sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2016


Yes I guess another one
bites the dust
We are all victims of that raw
cruel lust
indeed sir you are playing a
dangerous game
Word on the street is that I'm the
one to blame
Don't you dare to throw a fit at me
you already know how poisonous
this can turn out to be
Let's not measure strength
Rehab is playing on the radio,
we do dare to sing along
We dare to think what the hell
could go wrong ?
Up in smoke , buried in the ashtray
You're scared, but so are they
Maybe in another lifetime
after we learned it all
Maybe I'll be able to pick you up
after you fall ...

You wanted me gone
so that you would move on
then why are you still here ?
Why are you stuck dear ?
Though always under the weather
You know that there's no one that would love you better
Still, loving you means being torn to pieces on the floor
like the guts being ripped out
and always coming back for more
that feeling would make you
forget who you are
an eternal and nasty war
losing who you are,
the entire being
So eager and not seeing
Girl you are bleeding ...

Your devious second thoughts
are taking you nowhere
I'm to blame, tell that to my face !
Damn right it's a dare !
They fear me when all I wanted was respect
You were supposed to have my back
Go ahead and sleep on that ...



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