segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

Let's just watch the rain wash it all away ...

So this is who you are
I'm disapointed
Let's say I'm not impressed
Cute smile, well dressed
Tell me more
haven't we been here before ?
Same story, same path
I remember the love, lust and then wrath
So this is who you are now
I see that you got here but how ?
What happened ? What the hell went wrong ?
It's the same chorus, same song
Same road, same highway to hell
and we know it too well
So this is who you are now, right ?
What happened to the "We will always fight" 
Wasn't it 'till the end
my friend ?
Well pour me one more
before I shut this door
This story they tell,
the real deal
a straight fact
Well don't tell my momma
that I fell for that ...

How do I get out ?
How do I get away ?
I'm done love,
nothing left to say
We tried, we did
Who knew that such old wounds
would still bleed
All I asked was honesty
in return I gave all of me
I'm sinking the sorrows in
an already full ashtray
I guess I'm just sad
No, not even mad
Bored as hell, I was hoping
for a far more interesting ending
Not just some more of this bullshit
where you keep pretending
that you are okay, a normal human being
truth is you're fucked up in the head
and once you hear me singing
Echoing in your brain preaching
to your pain
Maybe, maybe
you would wake up
but that's a huge maybe
can't be bothered to give a fuck !


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