sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Thy love to sin

Forgive them father
for do thy love to sin
Fucking it all up in your name,
don't know how long it has been
All the profit, all the hands that wash away
guit and blame everyday
Oh but we do pray ...

And then I'll scream
What do you want from me ?
Does it hurt as much as it hurts me ?
Tell me baby
because truthfully
I don't care
I've done that, I was there
Now I'm here to say
Fuck you !
Fuck this shit
Crush this beat
I'm out
Don't care 'bout you anymore
in case you had any doubt
You know what they say
it's no longer worth it anyway

Tell me about how much you need me
it's a lie
Name all the stars after me,
promise me the sky
You can't escape it, it's time
to say goodbye
Tell me 'bout how much you want me,
clean up after your mess
There's no love left, you can kiss my ass
goodbye ...
Tell me 'bout how you miss me
about how amazing this can still be
Avoid the facts as much as you want dearie
I'm gone, evaporated
all of it, has finally faded
There's no encore on this song
no matter how much you feel it's right,
it's still wrong
but still say it, tell me how much
Addicted to that rush
So over that crush
Out of your league, I see it now
But I'll tell you this much
I don't even know how
You can always tell me, preach away
it's never gonna be good enough
of a reason to stay ...


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