quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2016

Act I

Hey it's me, new material on the line
Ohhh I'm hanging on just fine ...
You schhhhh ! I can't hear myself thinking
Oh I look dead, better start blinking
Aww shit this aint happening, this ought to be a joke
Nurse come quick, I'm about to have a stroke
Great shit, quality speech
I need to sew this again, stitch by stitch
Oh I hate humans, dreadful kind
Can't wrap my mind
about what y'all want, do you even feel ?
Oh dear ... God is no longer on the wheel
He gave up on you and all your choices
Ohh my head and those weird noises ...
Quiet down, stand back
Is that all you've got life ? You're wack !
Bring it on bitch, I aint done yet
I can take much more, do you want to bet ?
Welcome to the dark deep realm, a curse
Round 2, I'm still standing, I've taken worse
Rubbish, garbage, that's all they say
I wave and smile back, like fuck you and have a nice day
I've written loads of shit but nothing like that
I mean ... talking about a stab in the back
Ohhh the fairytale dear, that shit aint your style
Now pose for the picture and just smile
Fragile masks fall one by one
A round of applause, we had a lot of fun
Ohhh come on, just load the gun
End this shit, blow this joint
We've got to this point
Let's go for the truth
Let's rip it from the root
Blow it up, up in smoke, up in smoke
So much poison, stuck in your troat
But you can hold it in, no revenge this time
A premiere follows, we'll let it slide, the dirty crime
Burn each bridge, burn each door
Never shall we return to what we were before
We're shutting it down
End this circus, kill each clown
I hate charades, and false portraits, I simply do
I dread every single heartbeat that proves you aint true
What a sad world, color it blue
All this drama, nothing new
Why would I ever help you ?
This solitude is smothering me
It was taken for a while, all that I could be
But I'm back, do not fear
And nothing will take me away from here
I was out of focus, got out of line
Man I would blow this joint up, it's a right of mine
Set the rain on fire, let the sin be washed away
Oh I'm great can't you tell ? Surviving to another day
Oh but let's be friends
Maybe hold hands
Never a dream felt this good
Cinderella is on a mood
I'll call truces fate
Let's not deviate
We're off the course
There's no knight, no horse
We're walking barely hanging
But come on you'll be the last one standing
Are we clear ? Are we understanding ?
Empty reflexions, no clean sight
A damn mess, a bloody fight
But it's fine I'm alright ...
I'm backing away from the light
Vain portraits, advertisements of who they wish to be
While I got to be fine with the real me
Blank sheet and all you can write
Welcome to the fright night
Innocent little lambs sliding down to the slaughterhouse
Ohhh the cat fooled you well, you thought you stood a chance little mouse ...


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