quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

Act II

Brick by brick we are tearing this shit down
Save your asses and bring the crown
Take the dust out and let's make some noise
Come on everybody let me hear you raise your voice
It's dark, Oh so dark in here
Mirrored my fear
Look at you, nothing more than a smear
You ought to get your ass up dear
Nah nah you're in denial that can't be
Eyes wide open and still you couldn't see
How could that even be a possibility
Bury that hope, better leave it in the past
Get the hell out of here and do it fast
You're a big girl and those do not get to cry
You're more than ready to kiss those fantasies goodbye
The monsters under your bed are too big to hide
The skeletons are out of the closet, along with your broken pride
Where's your smile, love? Is it gone ?
Can you feel your legs ? Can you move on ?
Nahhh I'm too stoned to try that
But I can try to take a bunny out of my hat
That's always a crowd pleaser, let's risk
Ohhh it's fucking foggy in here, a mist
I'm falling into the nothing, the nowhere
I'm tired of pretending, acting like I don't care ...
Well don't worry, I'm getting there
Fuck the world, and fuck what they think
This is a boat already doomed to sink
Looking like a zombie again, come on blink
Can't hear shit of what they are saying
Can't figure out what the hell they are playing
Messing around with others feelings, a prank
The mind crashes, it draws blank
Lost your way during this fucked up stunt
Let's blow the candle, let's extinguish the flame
I'll walk away, the walk of shame
Well it happens sometimes, to the best of us
I'm not being dramatic, nor trying to start a fuss
And get them the prize, they were right
I was fooled again, I just can't win this fight ...
Okay world I got it, Now what do I have to do ?
To be less than what I am and be more like you
We keep on faking, kept in an uptight rerun
We destroyed it, what have we done ?
Have you won ?
'Cause I don't know what to feel ...
And the wound, will it heal ?
The devil smiled and I took the deal
It's too late to go back now
Even if I knew how
Which I don't, Oh I'm lost
Would you spare me this one, I payed a high cost
I risked the last shred that was mine to keep
Mistaken, apparently it was yours to rip
And on this puppet show I'm supposed to act nice
Once again I claim that it's a high price
You are wasting each shot
Wake up you are in shock
It's not slowing down, this damn clock
Wrong story, wrong plot
Better get on track
Bring that old soldier back ...


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