segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016


DOC do you think I'm evil by what I'm thinking ?
Well that depends child, but tell me and keep blinking 
So the voices go like I hate you all and you should die ...
Oh dear but that's not true, I know that's a lie 
Well yes, I love my momma and baby brother
and grandpa and grandmother
But the rest of the world is such a bother
Can't figure you out, I just want to get away
You're sucking my bliss, I'm not going to be okay
anytime soon,
yes and I'll be back, although nowadays I'm so
much better on the moon
My own private wonderland
It's not burying the head in the sand
Your world is just too much for me to understand
I've been writing for years, can't feel my hand
Battling with the conscience, dissecting an old mistake
Trying to prevent a future heartbreak
But once you think you got it, it's already too late
I don't know, is it karma? Is it fate ?
Or am I just live bait ?
Ohhh you felt this shit ? Was it an earthquake ?
No, I'm willing to bet that this was it, tough break
Another hero revealed as a fake
There are a lot of those running around here
Yeah You've met a few haven't you dear ?
Hummm can you feel it ? Bursting through each vein
Revenge is dying to come out , and it has your name
You are King of no Reign
But I got to control this, tame this inside
After all this was just a joke, wasn't it Clyde ?
And you feel like clawing the skin out of your body
'Cause it itches and hurts just remembering this story

We will never move mountains, we won't move shit
'Cause you're not willing to help, not even a little bit
This frustrated joy ride got me sick
What if it all ended now, what then ?
You better face it, aren't you a man ?
it's the collision route, too much damage to continue
Too many lies to keep believing it was ever true
I fell right there, face on the ground
"Freak show" they scream from all around
They laugh of the girl who for a second dared to believe
That the happily ever after wasn't impossible to achieve
Now head down, watch her leave
Hope's gone when it comes to a heart affair
You better stop it, that is taking you nowhere
If you never itch bellow the surface you'll never see
What all this fun and games made of me
A monster, look closely ...



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