quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2016

Despicable me

Worst than a poisoned apple
far more dangerous than the
Evil Queen
Villainous love, not just mean
Despicable me
You already took advantage
of my generosity
That's the problem with all of you
You confuse my kindness with
So here's what I'll do
I'll teach you a lesson or two
Sticks and stones
Can't do me no harm
I'm bad to the bones
Sound the alarm
Black widow baby
hanging from the web
I scare the shit out of the
monster under your bed

The nice girl is gone
and she's not planning on
coming back
Unlike you, honesty is something
that I don't lack
I do have what it takes
to be put on the map
Between my intelligence
and yours, there's an enormous gap
What I once loved, makes me sick today
You're not able to stand against me,
so get the hell out of my way
Beg on your knees, fake preachers
are the ones who pray
I crave for closure, for an end game
Don't worry, I know I'm the one
to blame
Your arms stretched out deluded me
Expectations are the worst
and we enjoyed the most
The mighties rise and fall
But a true Queen will never crawl
Assassin, out for blood
My name up in those lights
yours in the mud
I intend to kill,
it's called free will
To murder that notion that the world
has of you
You'll watch it go down
'cause there's nothing you can do
If you strike a deal with the Devil
you are as guilty as he is
Nothing more than a mere tease
I aint showing no love to those bitches
Thanks to you I got to know the pain
of these stitches
Stabbing the smoke, Oh I'm this party's hostess
Oh gee what a nonsense
Bow down to your highness
for the truthful ruler has arrived at last
I advise you to get out of my sight
and make it fast
I'm out drinking this ghost
Yes enjoying the most
of this shit
Down to the last sip
Yeah I'm tasting it
bit by bit ...


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