sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016

Going, and gone ...

I'm waving darling,
I'm going
Love, I'm gone
let's back off, let's retreat
I need some room,
let me breathe
I don't know what I want, let along
what I need
Dear, let's just leave ...
We were shaking, but we got to be free
Blinded by what was missing
we couldn't see
That I had you and you had me ...

The ghosts are back,
we hid for too long
Got torn apart,
we played it wrong
and man it hit us strong
Different ways, we should've known
it wouldn't last
Once again we collide, left to pick up
what's left from the blast
You call it dark
I prefer art
Don't you think that I would
rather go your away
to simply be able to say
You want it,
well fuck it, let's go
But you know
I know
that it's time to kill this show ...
It doesn't matter, never did
let's proceed
Don't smile, just don't
Can't let go, I will be kissing
my sanity goodbye I guess
Well I wanted the world,
couldn't settle for less
Now  go on and test fate
twist your destiny
Go ahead and dream about
being free
Feeling tied up, chained down
They watch as you slowly drown
Shredded soul, silent heartbeat
and if your faith is gone
how will you take the leap ?
So lost, no longer know what I seek
it's going to take a while better sit
Addicted to the pain 'till it makes you sick
Take my hand this is it
We will tear it all down brick by brick
At last you smile, and my heart skips a beat
Oh I know, you know
but from here where do we go ?


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