terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

Head over hills

Okay so this might come as a shock to you
but I also have a sweet side
and when it comes to loving
it's like a roller coaster ride
I sign as Lil' Missy when it comes
to falling on my face
I force those boys to
pick up the pace
I'm demanding when it comes
to that fairytale
because when things get serious
the princes tend to fail
So we had to take drastic measures
so that you wouldn't lose your heart
She seems tough but she's
broken apart
She wears that same heart on her sleeve,
an emotions slave
So we tried to get her to her senses,
but she wouldn't come down
Head over hills while you should fixate
your feet on the ground
She's already too used to that horrible
heartbreaking sound
Girl you are all by yourself
take a good look around
They don't care if you're hurt
or bleeding your way out
You can keep screaming,
you can even shout
They are never coming back
that is a wound for you to heal
and now you are thinking that
the shining knight is actually not a big deal
Lover girl got herself locked in
the dungeons and we threw away the key
You brought this on yourself,
you know that, right honey ?
Make believe is not the right adress
for you to be living in
there are no heroes in this land anymore,
where the hell have you been ?
Lil' Missy has to kick those fantasies away
or it's a sure thing that you won't make it
through another day
We will let you out as soon as you get better
We do worry and care about you
therefore we are writing this letter
Swear that you will start using your brain
Promise that you'll turn into life lessons
all that previous pain
Oh this girl will drive all of us insane
and she deserved better, what a shame
Are you really going to wait around
for some Prince's last name ?
Then you'll rot in that prison of
fading dreams that you have built
Consumed by those unperformed fantasies
and postponed happily ever after
You are only fooling yourself, that way
you will never get over this dark chapter


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