quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2016

My turn ...

I guess the time is up
There's a war coming
soldier you better duck
No truce love, I just don't
give a fuck
My shot to take
My heart to break
So for your own sake
avoid this silly mistake
I'm true to the core, little snake
I do not fake
I do not lie my way through
that's what sets us apart
huge gap between me and you
I don't step on another in order to win
But I'm no saint dear
I do enjoy to sin
Maybe a little too much
embracing such rush
Overwhelmed by that raw crush
So even through this whole mess
I guess ...

It's my turn
to watch it all burn
Up in flames, right down
to the ground
I can almost feel the blood all around
You're lame
and next to me ...
You have no game
Warning shot
Came to front ? Better not
Don't be silly who the fuck forgot ?
You tied it around your own neck
that tight knot
Step back
before I snap
Someone's gonna get hurt
I do not fear pain
I already tasted the dirt
spitted it right out of my mouth,
clawed out of the pit
Lost my mind, got sick
Put up with a surreal amount of shit
Came out alive, smiling
While you ?
God, you're not even trying
We've been fighting
struggling with it
Fixing the irreparable
'till the point it gets unbearable
We tried, we gave it a go
But truth is, we can't let go ...

All the darkness I got
familiar with
Haunt me from time to time,
it's worst at night
You know what I'm talking about love,
am I right ?
We withered, part of us died
and man, how we cried
So don't expect it to come easy
it's not supposed to be light
and yes, you'll have to fight
Dementia is only a path, possible to cross
That story, that now I grab and toss
to wherever suits me best
Darling who told you that the wicked
get to rest ?
Oh yeah I'm going to hell
I already know that story too well
Cold bitch, that shows no emotion
but that's merely your notion
I come with the poison and the antidote potion
Don't worry, we'll be alright
'cause darkness has it's own special
kind of light ...


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