quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016

Poking Zombies

Ladies and gentlemen
here we are once more
another year, you must be ready for !
He says that this is special
I don't think so
He says he will stay no matter what
But now he needs to go
Yes I know ...
You've got to leave it all behind
I do hope that you can find
all that you wished for and some
peace of mind ...
You forgot
I did not ...
It's all here
and it's no good
You say you're trying
I wish you would ...
New shot, same gun
I guess you're stuck with those memories
yes we did have fun ...

Dear diary, I see dead people
I'm done
Yes I quit on all of this,
yup I'm the one !

Does this happen to you too?
Wanting to do so much
but there's only as  much as
you can do
I'm on a mission
I'm on a rampage
get the fuck out of my face !
Stop the press ! I'm back for good
the wolf got too fat
couldn't chase red ridding hood !
I'm the light to your darkness
as I'm a bit dark myself
Maybe we should just leave this unfinished
chapter on the shelf
Poking zombies
the brain dead
you heard me
that's exactly what I said
you all made your bed !
You blink your eyes
'cause you're seeing the light
Blood rushing loudly to your veins
hammering the back of your skull
this life is most certainly not dull
We do live it in full
Man I'm too high
Get me some sugar ! Ah ah ah
I know, it's a hard task
that of letting go of the mask
but you better do it, and fast
'cause time is known for not being
able to last
You'll be out of here soon enough
while you're at it, fight,
I know you, you can take it rough !


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