quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016

Rotten dreams

What exactly will
be my resolution ?
Is there a fuckin'
solution ?
For all this shit,
five years of this,
I'm dead meat
All of it in a row
Come on not again,
hell no
I think I'm gonna
go home now
and stay there
I don't feel safe with
myself and that's not fair
Take my advise,
don't follow my example
I'm the ruined sample
Don't know what I'm talking about
Can't figure myself out

Are you mad ?
I'm sad ...
Sometimes I miss what
I never had
I desperately
 need to pee
Hi, it's me ...
Again yes
A pain in your ass
An incredible mess
True friend nevertheless
I'm so high
for tonight I would settle
by staring at the sky
But even the stars lie
They're not even there
And I don't really care

I've got to wake up early
tomorrow and clean my room
it looks like a bomb went off,
that's pretty much it, Boom ...
I'm losing it
bit by bit
I plan to build it up
brick by brick
I spent time in bed with the enemy
I'm becoming the villain,
which suits me
Ohhh you took too much,
what a hell of an experience
Living on the edge of this rush
life is provided with a small deviance
I feel that I'm walking straight,
but what if I'm not
Insecurities, that's all I've got
I'm allowing my dreams to rot
That's so silly, specially after
how much I've fought
Well I'm gonna give it another go
'Cause hell, we never know ...



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