sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016

The hunting season is open : killed a couple of love birds today

You do pretend
about all that you trully intend,
it doesn't matter ,
you're still weak
Good luck with whatever
that is you seek
Me? I actually quit
it's all so dark, so selfish, makes me go numb
Love, I'm actually not that dumb
I do not enjoy the pain,
nor savor each fear
I do not take pleasure in being constantly
surrounded by fear
That's not a reflexion in the mirror
it's a smear
Kept on catchin' up with that walk of shame
With no one but myself to blame
Usually I'm already here
and don't even remember why I came
That ivory tower won't stand there forever
So let's be smart, let's be clever
it's pretty much now or never ...

You always go with the flow
you never actually planned a me and a you
Well fuck you too
You're so full of bullshit
easy to see through
I'm as real as it gets, and
that scares the shit out of you

Karma never fails,
and when it comes to you
it has some catchin' up to do
Selfishness is a dreadful sin
You're not evil, just mean
The type that would steal
candy from a baby
Just 'cause he's happier than you
Oh you are simply a frustrated little lady
Greedy, so fake than not even China would
claim your ass
Dear this shit you are in is your
own damn mess
you give only to take
you built only to break
you may actually be sorry,
but it might be too late

That's twice already,
walking all over me
But see
I'm just waiting deary
now this is how it's gonna be
My rules, did you hear me silly ?
Money changes, power corrupts isn't that right ?
Tell me, can you still sleep through the whole night ?
I just hope you know
how far I'm willing to go
to kill your little show

The voices are my best friends
And I do know they're
gonna be here 'till the end ...


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