segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

The life of a (now angry) stoner

I keep changing and
rearranging this world of mine
I figured that since I've got the time
I do not want to stop creating, never
I want this to live forever
I desire to become immortal
It was a pleasure being high
next to all of you
I always tried my best,
that was all I could do
Flat line once they got away
Never deserved the chance
to ask you to stay
Well go on now, thank you
for this unpleasant walk of shame
it will certainly make me
raise my game

Why are you following trends,
is that the best you can be ?
Copying every shit that you see
How can you know better about
what's like to be me ?
Yes try it, seriously
Punch on your face
Come on friend
enlight me all about your new trend
They are taking their clothes off
putting on a hell of a show
Yes their boobs grow
but apparently the brain doesn't though
They talk trash about each other
watching each others burn
Love whatever you're going through
it's not the whole world's concern
She raised hell,
people love to kiss and tell
Spitting out your secrets along
with their guts
It's not okay to be different
but they're completly nuts
Stick your labels up where the
sun doesn't shine
Man you risked it, you crossed
a very thin line
I have DOC's orders to follow
you are a hazard to me since you
got so hollow
so vain, so damn shallow
So as long as I'm here
you'll drain me dear
it's best for you to disappear
I haven't seen shit, heard shit
So I can't say shit anyway
Go on then, fuck off, and
have a nice day ...



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