sábado, 19 de novembro de 2016

The whole story

Do you want to know
the whole story?
It's not about heroes,
nor glory
I'm not the villain, nor
the victim here
There are no more tears
left to cry dear
I like to think of myself
as a bystander
Which is better than what you are,
little pretender

They are not bad people,
only human
masters of ilusion, deception
that's why there was no connection
Them and their masks
Who are you?
Them and their secrets
What are you gonna do?
Them and those dirty lies
We do hate it
But it's time for some more

It's the sickness of the mind
You know what they say
No man get's left behind
it's obvious, you're gonna end up
hurting yourself
Love, your man is looking at me funny
You better put your boy on a leash honey
You're not dead, you're just numb
You're not bad, just dumb
Feel my heartbeat like a drum
Come, come
come at me
We are done, I broke free
Tell your homie
To calm down
This is not your circus clown
What up thug ?
I'll squash you like a bug
Now go ahead and eat shit
all alone
You're on your own !

It's about time we dust
off this mike
hang on, don't worry
this time we'll get it right !


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