domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016

What are you on ?

How does it feel like ?
How does it taste like ?
Been there, done that
Good luck putting up
with that pile of crap
All talk no action
Everybody's waiting
for your reaction
Give them what they want
give the crowd all the filth all the dirt
I can smell blood in the air,
someone will end up hurt
Don't talk down I'm up here
What pisses you off the most
is that I'm still sincere
And that's why they fear me dear
People only speak the truth
once the end is near

What keeps you going ?
What are you on ?
You're just a courpse, since
your soul is gone
The dark is already here, so
I'll wait for the dawn
Water bills, TV. bills, gas bills,
electricity  too
And they turn to you
saying that this is all you'll have
'till you die
Well tough luck 'cause I'm not ready
to kiss my dreams goodbye
So go ahead and cry
Once it all crumbles down
But at least I still gave it a try
You do not control destiny
and you are not the boss of me
You are just blinded 'cause you
refuse to see
The incredible person that you
can actually be
As long as those stars still shine
fighting will be a right of mine
As long as the earth spins, and
the sun is up there in the sky
I'll be damned, but I'll try
I'm already that high
I already feel like I can fly
Call it a fantasy, call it a lie
Come on don't be shy
Say I'll never make it,
that I'll never get far
Reopen that nasty scar
Once more here we are
Drag me down like you
always do
Thing is, we're talking about
me not you
I'll get off my ass and do
something for a change
You keep dreaming at a close
Let's do this, let's make it
Here's your shot, take it


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