quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2016

Whatever it takes, I'll be me ...

At the time she just wanted
to be loved
To be rescued from
that darkness inside
Too much turbulence on the ride
too much of a man to swallow
his pride
too selfish to stick by your side
Then the clock stood still
she was incapable to feel
anything but cold
Broken hearted they say
Still I see it as a brand new day
Following a different way
Now our time ran out
We are left with the permanent doubt
How could it have been ?
How could it turn out to be ?
Left with a huge wall between
you and me ...

They keep hoping ; I don't
even pray no more
I'm done being love's little bitch,
a silly emotion's whore
Harsh right ?
But I've been here before
I've already fought this fight
But how can you show the truth
to whom lives a perfect lie ?
How can you expect them to win
if they are too much of cowards to try
You gave them wings
but they are afraid to fly
You were their inspiration
their addictive kind of special frustration
and damn it I wouldn't rewrite it for the world ...
I would still follow this script
word by word
All this weight on my shoulders
got me this far
I'm fine with the Devil in my reflex,
we are who we are
Don't deny it, nor repress it
You'll feel so much better after confessing it
I get to strike you as sick in the head
Bonkers love, completly mad
Still you can't lie, the best you ever had
Keep him on his toes
Dreading how it goes
I'm a motherfuckin' beast
Temptation's sweetest feast
to say the least
Permanent fog, thick mist
Never superficial, I dig deep
You never know how it might end
Trick or treat?


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