terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016

Witch's prayers

You're gone again
But then again
You were never here to begin
with, right ?
I regret to say that it's all dark
can't see any light
And we are at the end
am I right friend ?
I don't think you can hear me
let along understand
Mr. Pan will always prefer
to be lost in neverland ...
You want a perfect happy ending
I got your happy ending right here
And now you refuse it dear ...
What's that I see ? Fear ?
You want it all and you can't wait
One day it will be too late
to fix such mistake
Once you open hell's gate
you sealed your wretched fate
No victims here, no casualties
of war
We became the monsters
we hunted before
It's never enough, you always
want more
And you rip, you take, leaving it
hollow right down to the core
It comes back, it always will
You signed it, the damned deal
It's like a spell, you feel it too
Attached to strings, mere puppets
There's nothing you can do
And behind the mask lies
everything we hold as true

Light the match, watch me burn
feed the fire
I'll whisper a curse to your name
while the flames reach higher
Yes light the Witch up
bow down to the liar
Your knees against the cold dirt
You Sir by allowing this game to continue will
end up hurt
Not a threat, it's a vow
I'll drag you to hell, already know how
I'll be lurking in the shadows, and I shall
make my move when you least expect
with so much to lose why do you bet ?
You seem to forget
But I'll remind you, but not yet
I propose you to end this charade
while there's still time
Otherwise revenge will be rightfully mine
You see I'm no saint, far from that
still a stab in the back ?
That's a daring play
you are brave I must say
Never thought I would see the day
when someone would boldly
snatch away
everything I fought for 'till today
Oh you better pray
might be useless but if it allows you
to lay
your head down and sleep through the night
If you do really believe it's pointless
to fight
If you can no longer set right
apart from wrong
then you are exactly where you belong
I'll add dirt to your grave
You know me, I have no clue how to behave
As you putted, emotion's slave
Wasn't I ?
And then saddly as all things innocence
had to die
Instead of struggling I allowed it to take over
and the voices said we are closer
it's almost over ...


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