segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016

My soul is freezin' dude !

I'm allowed to leave this earth,
once I've counted each star
Once I can make you see
how incredible you really are
After I take them to know the world
After I spread out through the universe
my word
A signature that turned into a dream,
an aspiration
My true love and object of adoration
There's talent, there's art
pouring out this resilient heart
Why the long faces ? We're having fun
Believe me, I'm so not done
I recharged this gun
This is the shot I waited so
long to take
I won't bend, I won't break
it's not too late
Even if the lights go out
even if no one hears me shout
Have no doubt
I still be fighting my way through
Are you coming too?
I'm gonna burst through the sky
You know me, I do not  lie
So come, let's fuckin' fly

Passion's bitch, I'm in love with it all
I do not regret each fall
I learned it, it was rough
I grew up tough
I keep singing new chorus,
'cause it's never enough
Even if instead of love it was
just a bluff
I was taught the game
pretty much drove me insane
I prefer raw emotions, yes I'm that lame
I'm not the ideal picture for your frame
So I tend to end up consumed
by the flame ...

I let you in, did you enjoy the show ?
No ...
Is that why you had to go ?
The tables turned
It all got burnt
But I'm not going anywhere
'till I make it
I guess I'll meet you there
I'm looking good for a washed- up,
that no one takes seriously
wasn't that it dearie ?
I was the freak, the crazy one,
too ugly for your standards, too thin
I wonder if you keep your speech
after I win
'cause I aint moving,
I'm not stepping aside
Please swallow your
damn pride
and just enjoy the ride ...



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