quinta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2017

Isto pelo menos eu sei

É tudo relativo
bastante subjectivo
Sou boa no que faço
mas não sei o que isso é
E até descobrir não arredo o pé
É talento? É arte?
É paixão? Será possível amar-te?
Reconsiderar cada passo
Faço o que sei e às vezes não sei
o que faço
Trapaceias o destino
E porque pensas que sabes
que não é bem assim
Acabas a rir-te de mim

Ases na mão,
foi-me dada a jogada
Ainda que tentadora a maçã
está envenenada
A sorte está lançada
Não mexi uma palha
mas sinto-me vingada
Ele acha que lhe dou qualquer
crédito ou valor
Na prática nem sei o que
chamar àquele senhor
Pensei em otário ou imbecil,
mas optei por doutor
Esse teu discurso já conheço
de cor
Mas lá vai, mais um encore !

Vais de arrasto, não há motivação
E por isso mesmo cobiças a
minha obstinação
Sou fã da, por mais dolorosa que seja,
Não vivo nada pela metade
Ao contrário de si, vossa majestade
Essa queda é culpa do mundo
Fomos nós que te enterrámos
no fundo
Choras agora pois pensas que nada
mais podes fazer
E nós peões aqui estamos
para te entreter
Pois bem também temos algo a dizer

Não contratuei lealdade,
não vendo amizade
Não distribuo respeito
Nem encho o peito
para apontar defeito
Sou um ser humano,
logo longe de perfeito!
Esse discurso é falácia,
essa conversa é planeada
Digna de alguém que tudo quer
a troco de nada
Eu vejo através da fachada
não gosto de viver enganada
Sai do pedestal, não tens
direito a trono, não és rei
Não és senhor, nem dono
do que sou e sempre serei
isso pelo menos eu sei !


quarta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2017

NoThInG NiCe tO SaY

Teach me how to pray
Lead the way
Preach, what do you
have to say?
Washing the sins off of
their hands
killing in anothers name
there are souls in game
Ten commandments
but you've gone bad
Societies fault you say,
'cause we are all mad !

We made them like that
we patted their back
The pricks, the assholes
of this world
Solemnly believe that
they have the last word

They taught us
don't trust the strangers
Keep your hands off of that candy !
But a heads up about those closer
to us would've come handy !

I'm nuts, yes true
Not perfect, nothing like you
But why do you care
about what I say ?
You'll keep judging me anyway
So just fuck off, and have a
nice day ...

Once again drifting
from the comfort zone
Driving fast towards the
We are so dumb
in a world so numb
And again
I did hold my breath
I suppressed such wrath
Oh we are all mad in here alright
Nasty war, ugly fight
getting critical
You're cynical

We are who we are
always under the circumstances
going back to the same old, same old
be quiet please,
remember that your silence is gold
When you have nothing nice to say
Smile and politely go on your merry way ...


terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

At a table turn

Set the scene
Boy where the hell
have you been?
You taught me well,
became the best you've ever seen
I'm the game's queen
No Princess
in a pink dress
Waiting to be rescued,
in distress
Naaa I was locked in the dark
me and my beating heart
Fell apart
Deep, deep down
lost the crown
But you know what they say
Baby it's the bottom of the pit,
up is the only way

Don't do this at home
it might end badly
Me? I got out alive, completly
mad sadly
Yes I learnt some shit
Nowadays I can no longer
remember how it used to sound, the heartbeat
it's sick
I'm happy though, that's 'bout it
From numb, to half way there
to dead, and not knowing how to care
Not a flying fuck to give,
this was going nowhere
So ...
No ...
Don't you think you can
beat me now
Even if the chance was granted
You wouldn't know how
I know each trick, each move, every play
I chose a different part this time,
I'm done being the prey
No more live bait
Now we've got some bad blood
Your word is dragged through the mud
Not a fool dear,
She's right
There's something to fear
and you can feel it,
it's near
We are moving on,
the show's over,
the crowd is gone
Close the curtains,
tell them thanks on my behalf
Sign my name
for this shall be the last walk of shame ...


segunda-feira, 2 de outubro de 2017

Drained out

Them foxes dear
Chasing us down to the
abyss of every fear
They're too eager,
and we are too dumb if we stay here
We agreed on the escapade,
is it too late ?
Too ambicious, we couldn't
fool fate ...
We bit the bait
and all of this is fake
Down to the root, to it's
very core
I think you already took more
than enough
We were here before
I'm drained out,
my cross to bear
No longer questioning
if it's fair
Never been someone
that would wait around
Could never keep my damn
feet on the ground
We never planned for this to go south
I should've never openned my
damn mouth
Their eyes are set on me, waiting for the
grand finale
Once again I bend backwards to feed
their guilty pleasure
Scavenging in search of a rumored
hidden treasure
But I'll get lost once again
Stuck in that nasty dark pit
Buried to the neck , same deep shit
Yeah captain we are going down
with the ship
All or nothing, place your bet
How does it taste like ?
Go big or go home
Don't worry of course you're not alone
Just say it, go on, can't sleep
Cold sweats, racing heartbeat
We know the drill, that's it
It builds up, the flame get's higher
They call you out,
their sweet liar

The big bad wolf doesn't
blow shit
Red riding hood turned into a beast
Fuck your script
I'll tear your happy ending apart
brick by brick
Bark all you want dear
I hold the pen
I'll write the end and then ...


sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

King with no reign ( Fate's joke)

It may sound like a bad joke
fate I mean
Slides down your troat 
the sour taste of sin 
It breaks my heart to see
your soul being torn apart
still it takes art
it takes magic, call it voodoo
if you want to
it has a spell on you
You take it, that's all you 
can do 
You enjoy the rain 
endure the pain
Risk it, for what you need
to gain 
King with nothing to reign 
Your blood on their rules, 
such fools
Nor good always prevails, 
but bad also fails 
We had it all, 'till we 
got off the rails 

They say it's karma
I had to love you 
to find out how deep loss
can pierce through 
Star-crossed, born to die 
for a while it was a blissful lie 
So short
So soon 
I can feel it
There's blood on the moon 
flesh in the water, easy prey
I break to my knees, but I 
forgot how to pray
We deal with the pain
forsake misery
Rewrite history
Try to change destiny
But love we are meant to be 
and there's no running from
that dearie 

In love with the different shades
of dark you carry
My heart is heavy
it's just us, we won't dare to 
look around
Our feet far from the ground
it's magic, let's call it that ;
No matter what
I'll always have your back . 

MKS . 

quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Let's call it truce

The flame keeps struggling 
against the wind
Against all odds I still sing
I still stand, and amazingly
I realize
that yes even to me it's such a surprise ;
You can never take it away
come what may
through each rainy day
No matter how shattered
the heart gets
no matter how many sour regrets 
I still write, it still flows
Resiliently it still blows
this whole shit apart
it still lives in my heart
Call it talent, call it art
I call it being me
The only one I know
how to be 
ah ah you drove me crazy
never lost the pose, 
the lady
Told you all to go fuck yourselves
and never stopped being right
You never came at me 'cause you 
know you would lose the fight !

I'm just sitting here on my throne
watching as the rain falls
I'm fine on my own,
all alone
but you are trying to get into
my head again
didn't you have enough man?
I won't say I love you 
'cause that wouldn't be true ... 

I may be gone 
but I'm not dead
Yeah I'm clearly still
all over your head 
You took a piece of my heart
I slowly torn yours apart
We are even, let's call it truce 
I'm the Queen, 
you'll remain the deuce 
Now let's just get the fuck
out of here 
turn the lights out
We are too far gone,
there's no doubt
I was the red apple
took a bite
Let it rot
There's no brain
just a nasty knot. 


quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017

I said Bitch ...

Bitch! Don't you flip
the switch on me !
I said bitch,
You stink darling
that much is true
What kind of human being
are you?
Nevermind I just don't care
I've done that, I've been there
I won't stretch a hand,
not even a finger dear
You got yourself here,
get out of your own shit by
yourself, are we clear?
I'll change this whole scenario
pretty fast
I should've known that this
wouldn't last
I didn't see shit, nor say it, nor
heard it, 'cause I don't give a fuck
So do us a favor and shut the hell up ...

I'm not that cute,
Don't feel like playing games
Won't stoop to your level
and throw around the blames
Bare-naked, there's not much to hide
You should've never had tried to
steal my pride
Wisdom also means facing the shit
you have done
Sometimes words are as lethal as the
cold steal gun
if you stepped on them on your way up
then you haven't exactly won !

After all these years
it's so sad to see
That you still don't know me
You are as basic as one can be
Rethink those choices, honestly
As far as you know, you only
have this opportunity
it's about time to start takin' it seriously
The killer in me
told me not to spare your life dearie
So you just won a second chance
use it wisely
silly ...


terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Hungry fire

I was wrong
'cause I do have the right song
The kind you are
trying to nail for too long
How is that working for you
so far ?
Have you at least discovered
who the fuck you are ?
Not loyal, that much I can say
not religious, 'cause just like me
you forgot how to pray
Not a leader, 'cause you can't even
find your way
Not humble, 'cause I'm waiting
for that "I'm sorry" 'till today
Not brave, you're gutless to
the core
Not a fighter, I was always the one
believing that you could do much more
Yeah waiting for the right moment,
I 've heard it all before

A little bit dumb,
clearly  numb
Selfish, self-centered,
a compulsive liar
I pretended I couldn't see
and I kept getting higher and higher
Only feeding that hungry fire
Too full of yourself,
too little to show
A brat that refuses to grow;
Snatching their dreams
Silently walking away
Well you can't take mine, they're too many
I even dream during the day
Freddy Krueger wannabe
You're no match for me
Can't take my hopes,
can't steal my beliefs
I can handle just fine your
kind of thieves

I'll slow my pace
You're clearly a disgrace
to the damn race
Keep up man
I refuse to dumb down again
You just won't understand
So why are we even trying friend ?
Dumb as a brick
I don't have time for this shit

Let's flip the page, let's move on
What's back there is gone
No more reruns please
You got me begging on my knees
Not afraid of the dark
but sensitive to the light
Mom said that I have to be
strong and fight
it was never promised
that everything would be alright
'cause I learned long ago that
that's not exactly right ...


segunda-feira, 25 de setembro de 2017

Back to black

Life knocks and asks
trick or treat
A few years ago I came to terms
that sometimes you need to accept defeat
She asked me do you ever think 'bout killing
I just laughed ...

While trying to find you,
I got dangerously lost
I was so not ready to pay
such a high cost
One more heart to break
One more smile to take
Hit each nerve
getting what we deserve
You do not get to witness
while I burn
It's the knockout, she's on the ground,
she's dead
and clearly didn't hear a word I said ...

Not being able to belong anywhere
Starts to get frustrating at some point
and now I just don't care
I lit the joint
I'm gone, surely crazy
and I miss you less and less lately
I went back to black
how 'bout that ?
It's a bad novel
a wicked romance
Licking the flames
while we dance
Do we even stand a chance ?
No one will get out scar free
But hey please remember that this
has nothing to do with me ...

Your hopes and beliefs
are a fragile house of cards
and I'm the cold wind blowing
You'd like to flee, do you already
know where you are going ?
Can you outrun this ?
Can it be done ?
Then by all means, Run !
You've never been in my
kind of hell
I've got some awesome
stories to tell
Trying to save me from myself ?
Good luck
You care so much for someone
that actually stopped giving a fuck
'Careful where you step in,
I lost my mind too
Who can I thank for that,
Oh that's right , You !


quinta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2017

What could've been but will never be ...

I'm at the payphone
I'm trying to call home
Got too drunk
trying to forget you
That was the best I could do
Does it happen to you too?
Once you had one too many,
does it rush back?
Do you lose track?
of all the memories and
bittersweet ties
Do you feel like drowning
in a bed of lies?
I'm trying to call home,
can't dial
You won't pick up anyways,
I'm stuck on denyal

Barenaked for you to see
This is it darling, this is me
The sharks have smelled the blood
in the water already
My soul feels light but the
heart is so heavy
I'm being pulled down
and I'm afraid I'll drown
Oh won't you come and rescue me
Won't you save me from this angry sea

The Devil has a special place
in store in hell for yours trully
meant to be
Guess who will share the underworld's
throne with me ?
That's right, the best seat in the
house is reserved for you baby ...

I guess
this is what I've got left
such a huge mess
Me and all that was left unspoken
me and this stubborn heart that
remains broken
You and that fierce intensity
stripping my soul down
to the very last bit of me
Us and that shattered possibility
of what could've been
but will never be ...


quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2017

WhiSkeY & cOkE

Whiskey and coke
and a lover's footnote
He choked
When I told him
why my heart broke
Love's rope
is too tight around my troat

Ace of Swords, for so we'll
start a fight
The heavy war between the
dark and light
You are no match for the queen,
keep on playing I'll be on the throne
Keep on begging
I might throw the dog a bone

Queen of Swords, off with his head
I'm done sharing the enemy's bed
This King of Cups is about to drop dead
I'm such a fool, just not a fool for you
I'll keep on slaying you know that much is true
The Empress to the kingdom,
fall to your knees
You ain't getting no forgiveness
if you don't say pretty please
Take it back, all of it, your love
is a disease !
it came crawling from the gutter,
taking never giving
and I'm the one who is crazy
'cause I stopped believing ?!
Well have you ever considered my sweet
former King
that I still remember each sting
that there's a story behind each
note I sing
The problem is not that I don't
want to believe
is that you're not believable dear
Which one of us actually fought around here?

Crawl back to your cave hermit,
and don't you come back
The dead are buried 
and let's leave it to that
You can tell the whole world
how crazy I can be
'cause honestly
I couldn't care less baby ...

Now just down that whiskey ...


sexta-feira, 9 de junho de 2017

Devil's little girl

A pariah, yes
A complete mess
Check !
Not really worried about that
Alienated, ostracized
Still smiling knowing I did
all I could
Insane, messed up in the brain
Damaged, very aware of all the pain
Breaking your rules
every step of the way
Guess which one is quitting today
Wild, can't be tamed
the kind of picture too crooked
to be framed
Still, not ashamed

That's what you needed,
this was what you wanted all along
Now, do you figure you could've been wrong?
I'll swallow every bit of what I feel
But won't hide it, apparently I still need to heal
There's no way you're taking that away from me
Still I do love you, yes it's that silly
that sick, derranged
to say the least
Beauty lost her spotlight
it's all about the beast
this seems to have lasted
for too long
it makes itself feel so strong
to be ignored
like a moth dragged into the light
I doubt that we can escape this tonight
and I'm scaring you, right ?

It's devious, toxic, self destructive
each desire
You sir are a damn good liar
And we climb higher and higher
Mad, mad indeed
Crazed love, the devil's seed
You're kneeling before frustration
lacking determination
At the end of the day
you're just too concerned
with what they have to say


quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Bad girl one 0 one

The shivers across my soul
are the worst
Your kind of love became my curse
Burn it down
Burn it to the ground
Your silence is the most escruciating sound
Reload, take another shot
but only if you are certain of it
otherwise better not
These demons are all I 've got
Don't even dare saying that you've fought
Left me there to rot
Put me in the dark
so that I couldn't see
If you only knew half of what this is
doing to me ...

I always dreamnt of becoming
a giant in this world, footsteps on the moon
It doesn't seem likely that I come back
anytime soon
Can you hear me?
Shall I shout ?
You think you know dark ?
He was the one blowing out the flame,
didn't even leave a spark
Trying to fix it, to mend the crazy
But can't seem to get a hold of me
Don't even bother, and I do believe
it's time to end today's show
Humm , I know
it's time for you to go
karma is one sick bitch indeed
they provided me with the offspring,
Devil's seed
Hell bitch is pissed
your ass is on the line
Don't worry you'll be fine
No need to cry
I learnt this one with you,
how to lie ...


quarta-feira, 7 de junho de 2017

Who killed cock robin ?

Once upon a time
he shredded my heart
torn it apart
and now he wants it back ...
Now enlight me
What am I supposed to do?
Yes, tell me, this is all about you
How did I get here ? To be honest
I have no clue
I keep thinking and thinking and I'm
pretty sure I've gone crazy
Will you take care of me baby?

You killed it ?  

I killed it, it doesn't beat anymore
Move on, you're barking at the wrong door
It bled indeed, right down to the core
Rot ...
Darling love me not ...
Forget, what I already forgot

Pitch black, darkened to the bone
made of stone
you learn how to survive,
if left alone ...
The voices go like
Please snap
You know we got your back 
Relive it all, go crazy
You got it bad, don't you baby? 
I hate having to dance
to anothers song
I knew you would run
it didn't take long
I love being right no doubt there
and you, wipe those tears it's not
like you really care
Play fair

You meant well, of course
'Careful you're bound to fall
from that high horse
of yours
You never meant to hurt another,
as usual, we know
and therefore we are letting you go
Move fast, just disappear
we'll pretend you were never here
Farewell dear ...


terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

King of Cups my ass

This got out of range,
but I'll fix it
Allow me ...
Today there's no staring
at the stars
I'm staring at memories
There's a couch
burnt to the ground
There are walls that
whisper all around
They know for how
long I waited for you
Know all about those silly
wishes that never came true
They do ...
Yes they do ...
Searched for release at the
bottom of the bottle
Tried to catch the smoke
that kept evaporating
So numb, hours went by 'till
I realized it was raining
Set fire to every photograph
Fought to forget each tear,
every smile
and it worked, but only
for a little while ...

Choking on my own broken heart
or is it breath ?
Is it love or did it cross to wrath ?
Choking on all that was left to say
Little did we know that it would come
the day
when you can no longer run away
I must stop dreaming
with the dead
It keeps running through my head
All that you said
I'm twisting and turning on an
already torn apart bed

I got chills in my bones
and you keep throwing
your sticks and stones
He never meant to hurt no one,
he just did
When you stabbed me, you never
expected I would bleed
Now it's your turn, 'cause King
of cups my ass
Look at this whole mess
it's your fault, at least confess
Help me understand
take me by the hand
lead me to the very end ...


quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

Act III - Part 2

I only feel regret for ever being this dumb
Besides that, I'm afraid I'm completly numb
Overload of information, we're crashing down
I think she's gone, listen, no sound
I guess it's true what goes around comes around
it's the knockout that will lead you to the ground
Lucky me, look what I've found
Some more dark inspiration, a pen and a sheet
Me and an upside down world, always the black sheep
Hummm me in love ? Wasn't this neat ?
Yeah you better hide quick
You've been smoking some weird shit
It was all pretending Alice, it was never real
And you, how the hell would you be able to feel ?
Anything, a glimpse whatsoever
So how could you promise anyone forever ?
Nah, come on turn around, be clever ...

Intermission Ladies and gentlemen
I gotta finish my joint ...


quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

Pillow talks

I do get high
to numb the pain away
Helps me sleeping even with
so much left to say
I'm a sucker for that happy ending
though I never had one
My kind of grand finale is catching bullets
for the one behind the gun
Damn, got hit
this aint fun ...
Knock out, knocked down
The whole world spinning around
Can't hold my ground
Pardon me, I might as well
take another sip
'cause clearly this aint it

Oh not even divine intervention
would be able to save our asses now
And we could try, I'm just not sure how
Fire at me, I can take it
I love it as much as I hate it

I'll get high
I'll get drunk
whatever it takes
whatever works
to prevent these heartbreaks
Damn, up in the clouds,
Can't rememeber 'bout how I fell off grace
Hell I can't even remember your face
We are alright
it's a good summer night
We're fine, gazing the sky
flying so high
and we're dreaming again
arguing about the future,
how it's going to be
What's going to become of me
I'll roll up another one
while you think about that
You're not going to be able to decide
shit tonight, first fact
Ah ah you're too high,
it's going to take a while to come back

No pain
no gain
Don't you worry dear,
it's just a game

It's so nice to see
how well you preach baby
but tell me
are you happy?
Is your spirit running free ?


sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Casual look

Them preachers

I tried to tell you
but you wanted
to play the fool
Can you feel it now ?
Karma can be quite cruel
You sure you want to play
this kind of game ?
You dare to lick this flame ?
We're crazy baby
I'm far from myself lately ...

Torture, tragic,
Deliciously magic
Can't stop, can't come down
I'm about to remind you
Why I wear the fuckin' crown !

Say it, just say it
look at my face
and admit it
They had it coming
they shud've known better
I don't enjoy staying
under the weather
I'm going to wear that lipstick
just to turn you on
I'll be here 'till dawn
You are ready to go
but I'm already gone ...
I'm going to be on top of those heels
just to prove you wrong
I'm going to make you memorize
the lyrics to this song
Black underwear, chains
A slap across the face
the delight before the taste
of sweet disgrace
You need to control that thirst
Me saying no ? That's a first ah ah ah
You know me, go big or go home player
You can't kill a fly, and you're calling yourself
the dragon slayer ...

I've got a whole world
where I'm the damn boss
You're on your knees,
that's a heavy cross
I'm sorry for your loss
'cause I'm out, I'm going
This shit is going to end up blowing
Warned you once, it's coming back
You do see the chance of that
It blows on your face
We fall off grace

You feel it, I feel it too
Well maybe not as much as you
I can feel the pain
I know how it slowly drives you insane
But you can take it, right ?
it's all part of your game,
let it eat you alive,
consume your soul
Allow yourself to just dive
into that deep dark hole
I would say some words for you
if I knew how to pray
Fuck them and all that they have to say ...

Amen ...


terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017

Do something, say anything

People like me will burn in the pyre
it's a whole new level of darkness
and comfort down here in hell's fire
Humm that pride of yours boy
after all this time you're still
their puppet, their toy
Can't believe my eyes
you still feed on these lies
Too used to not fighting
So not ready for certain goodbyes
You know I'm starting to fade right ?
Darkness will lose it's only light
Look me in the eyes and tell me
that that's alright
I can smell your fear
Reach out, while I'm still here ...

I wasn't and I'm still not enough
Not the right choice to make,
so it seems ...
I guess the ends do justify the means
walking towards a stone wall
Getting up after another nasty fall
Who the fuck am I these days ?
What did you make of me ?
And the know it alls refuse to see
I desperatly want to crawl out
of my own skin
Why dear ? Why do you have to be so mean ?
You sit and stare at me, when all I want
is to be able to shout
let me turn away, turn back
allow me to walk myself out
At least give me that ...

You can't face the mirror,
dirty little girl
There's filth all over your own
little world
Dirt under your finger nails
I'm not okay no
But you need to go
so ...
Getting deeper and deeper
I need to reach the surface at once,
ready to let go ?
It was the last dance ...

Diagnosis : 2: 59 AM - She seems to be catatonic . 

Focus woman ! Concentrate !
Erase this silly mistake
before it's too damn late
You shall never think about it
Not a thought, mention, dream
that's the only way for absolution,
to be redeemed

I'm tired of trying to catch the smoke
with my bare hands ...
Done ...
Through ...


Blue luxury