terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2017

Do something, say anything

People like me will burn in the pyre
it's a whole new level of darkness
and comfort down here in hell's fire
Humm that pride of yours boy
after all this time you're still
their puppet, their toy
Can't believe my eyes
you still feed on these lies
Too used to not fighting
So not ready for certain goodbyes
You know I'm starting to fade right ?
Darkness will lose it's only light
Look me in the eyes and tell me
that that's alright
I can smell your fear
Reach out, while I'm still here ...

I wasn't and I'm still not enough
Not the right choice to make,
so it seems ...
I guess the ends do justify the means
walking towards a stone wall
Getting up after another nasty fall
Who the fuck am I these days ?
What did you make of me ?
And the know it alls refuse to see
I desperatly want to crawl out
of my own skin
Why dear ? Why do you have to be so mean ?
You sit and stare at me, when all I want
is to be able to shout
let me turn away, turn back
allow me to walk myself out
At least give me that ...

You can't face the mirror,
dirty little girl
There's filth all over your own
little world
Dirt under your finger nails
I'm not okay no
But you need to go
so ...
Getting deeper and deeper
I need to reach the surface at once,
ready to let go ?
It was the last dance ...

Diagnosis : 2: 59 AM - She seems to be catatonic . 

Focus woman ! Concentrate !
Erase this silly mistake
before it's too damn late
You shall never think about it
Not a thought, mention, dream
that's the only way for absolution,
to be redeemed

I'm tired of trying to catch the smoke
with my bare hands ...
Done ...
Through ...


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