sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Them preachers

I tried to tell you
but you wanted
to play the fool
Can you feel it now ?
Karma can be quite cruel
You sure you want to play
this kind of game ?
You dare to lick this flame ?
We're crazy baby
I'm far from myself lately ...

Torture, tragic,
Deliciously magic
Can't stop, can't come down
I'm about to remind you
Why I wear the fuckin' crown !

Say it, just say it
look at my face
and admit it
They had it coming
they shud've known better
I don't enjoy staying
under the weather
I'm going to wear that lipstick
just to turn you on
I'll be here 'till dawn
You are ready to go
but I'm already gone ...
I'm going to be on top of those heels
just to prove you wrong
I'm going to make you memorize
the lyrics to this song
Black underwear, chains
A slap across the face
the delight before the taste
of sweet disgrace
You need to control that thirst
Me saying no ? That's a first ah ah ah
You know me, go big or go home player
You can't kill a fly, and you're calling yourself
the dragon slayer ...

I've got a whole world
where I'm the damn boss
You're on your knees,
that's a heavy cross
I'm sorry for your loss
'cause I'm out, I'm going
This shit is going to end up blowing
Warned you once, it's coming back
You do see the chance of that
It blows on your face
We fall off grace

You feel it, I feel it too
Well maybe not as much as you
I can feel the pain
I know how it slowly drives you insane
But you can take it, right ?
it's all part of your game,
let it eat you alive,
consume your soul
Allow yourself to just dive
into that deep dark hole
I would say some words for you
if I knew how to pray
Fuck them and all that they have to say ...

Amen ...


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