quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

Pillow talks

I do get high
to numb the pain away
Helps me sleeping even with
so much left to say
I'm a sucker for that happy ending
though I never had one
My kind of grand finale is catching bullets
for the one behind the gun
Damn, got hit
this aint fun ...
Knock out, knocked down
The whole world spinning around
Can't hold my ground
Pardon me, I might as well
take another sip
'cause clearly this aint it

Oh not even divine intervention
would be able to save our asses now
And we could try, I'm just not sure how
Fire at me, I can take it
I love it as much as I hate it

I'll get high
I'll get drunk
whatever it takes
whatever works
to prevent these heartbreaks
Damn, up in the clouds,
Can't rememeber 'bout how I fell off grace
Hell I can't even remember your face
We are alright
it's a good summer night
We're fine, gazing the sky
flying so high
and we're dreaming again
arguing about the future,
how it's going to be
What's going to become of me
I'll roll up another one
while you think about that
You're not going to be able to decide
shit tonight, first fact
Ah ah you're too high,
it's going to take a while to come back

No pain
no gain
Don't you worry dear,
it's just a game

It's so nice to see
how well you preach baby
but tell me
are you happy?
Is your spirit running free ?


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