quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Bad girl one 0 one

The shivers across my soul
are the worst
Your kind of love became my curse
Burn it down
Burn it to the ground
Your silence is the most escruciating sound
Reload, take another shot
but only if you are certain of it
otherwise better not
These demons are all I 've got
Don't even dare saying that you've fought
Left me there to rot
Put me in the dark
so that I couldn't see
If you only knew half of what this is
doing to me ...

I always dreamnt of becoming
a giant in this world, footsteps on the moon
It doesn't seem likely that I come back
anytime soon
Can you hear me?
Shall I shout ?
You think you know dark ?
He was the one blowing out the flame,
didn't even leave a spark
Trying to fix it, to mend the crazy
But can't seem to get a hold of me
Don't even bother, and I do believe
it's time to end today's show
Humm , I know
it's time for you to go
karma is one sick bitch indeed
they provided me with the offspring,
Devil's seed
Hell bitch is pissed
your ass is on the line
Don't worry you'll be fine
No need to cry
I learnt this one with you,
how to lie ...


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