sexta-feira, 9 de junho de 2017

Devil's little girl

A pariah, yes
A complete mess
Check !
Not really worried about that
Alienated, ostracized
Still smiling knowing I did
all I could
Insane, messed up in the brain
Damaged, very aware of all the pain
Breaking your rules
every step of the way
Guess which one is quitting today
Wild, can't be tamed
the kind of picture too crooked
to be framed
Still, not ashamed

That's what you needed,
this was what you wanted all along
Now, do you figure you could've been wrong?
I'll swallow every bit of what I feel
But won't hide it, apparently I still need to heal
There's no way you're taking that away from me
Still I do love you, yes it's that silly
that sick, derranged
to say the least
Beauty lost her spotlight
it's all about the beast
this seems to have lasted
for too long
it makes itself feel so strong
to be ignored
like a moth dragged into the light
I doubt that we can escape this tonight
and I'm scaring you, right ?

It's devious, toxic, self destructive
each desire
You sir are a damn good liar
And we climb higher and higher
Mad, mad indeed
Crazed love, the devil's seed
You're kneeling before frustration
lacking determination
At the end of the day
you're just too concerned
with what they have to say


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