terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

King of Cups my ass

This got out of range,
but I'll fix it
Allow me ...
Today there's no staring
at the stars
I'm staring at memories
There's a couch
burnt to the ground
There are walls that
whisper all around
They know for how
long I waited for you
Know all about those silly
wishes that never came true
They do ...
Yes they do ...
Searched for release at the
bottom of the bottle
Tried to catch the smoke
that kept evaporating
So numb, hours went by 'till
I realized it was raining
Set fire to every photograph
Fought to forget each tear,
every smile
and it worked, but only
for a little while ...

Choking on my own broken heart
or is it breath ?
Is it love or did it cross to wrath ?
Choking on all that was left to say
Little did we know that it would come
the day
when you can no longer run away
I must stop dreaming
with the dead
It keeps running through my head
All that you said
I'm twisting and turning on an
already torn apart bed

I got chills in my bones
and you keep throwing
your sticks and stones
He never meant to hurt no one,
he just did
When you stabbed me, you never
expected I would bleed
Now it's your turn, 'cause King
of cups my ass
Look at this whole mess
it's your fault, at least confess
Help me understand
take me by the hand
lead me to the very end ...


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