segunda-feira, 25 de setembro de 2017

Back to black

Life knocks and asks
trick or treat
A few years ago I came to terms
that sometimes you need to accept defeat
She asked me do you ever think 'bout killing
I just laughed ...

While trying to find you,
I got dangerously lost
I was so not ready to pay
such a high cost
One more heart to break
One more smile to take
Hit each nerve
getting what we deserve
You do not get to witness
while I burn
It's the knockout, she's on the ground,
she's dead
and clearly didn't hear a word I said ...

Not being able to belong anywhere
Starts to get frustrating at some point
and now I just don't care
I lit the joint
I'm gone, surely crazy
and I miss you less and less lately
I went back to black
how 'bout that ?
It's a bad novel
a wicked romance
Licking the flames
while we dance
Do we even stand a chance ?
No one will get out scar free
But hey please remember that this
has nothing to do with me ...

Your hopes and beliefs
are a fragile house of cards
and I'm the cold wind blowing
You'd like to flee, do you already
know where you are going ?
Can you outrun this ?
Can it be done ?
Then by all means, Run !
You've never been in my
kind of hell
I've got some awesome
stories to tell
Trying to save me from myself ?
Good luck
You care so much for someone
that actually stopped giving a fuck
'Careful where you step in,
I lost my mind too
Who can I thank for that,
Oh that's right , You !


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