terça-feira, 26 de setembro de 2017

Hungry fire

I was wrong
'cause I do have the right song
The kind you are
trying to nail for too long
How is that working for you
so far ?
Have you at least discovered
who the fuck you are ?
Not loyal, that much I can say
not religious, 'cause just like me
you forgot how to pray
Not a leader, 'cause you can't even
find your way
Not humble, 'cause I'm waiting
for that "I'm sorry" 'till today
Not brave, you're gutless to
the core
Not a fighter, I was always the one
believing that you could do much more
Yeah waiting for the right moment,
I 've heard it all before

A little bit dumb,
clearly  numb
Selfish, self-centered,
a compulsive liar
I pretended I couldn't see
and I kept getting higher and higher
Only feeding that hungry fire
Too full of yourself,
too little to show
A brat that refuses to grow;
Snatching their dreams
Silently walking away
Well you can't take mine, they're too many
I even dream during the day
Freddy Krueger wannabe
You're no match for me
Can't take my hopes,
can't steal my beliefs
I can handle just fine your
kind of thieves

I'll slow my pace
You're clearly a disgrace
to the damn race
Keep up man
I refuse to dumb down again
You just won't understand
So why are we even trying friend ?
Dumb as a brick
I don't have time for this shit

Let's flip the page, let's move on
What's back there is gone
No more reruns please
You got me begging on my knees
Not afraid of the dark
but sensitive to the light
Mom said that I have to be
strong and fight
it was never promised
that everything would be alright
'cause I learned long ago that
that's not exactly right ...


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