quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017

I said Bitch ...

Bitch! Don't you flip
the switch on me !
I said bitch,
You stink darling
that much is true
What kind of human being
are you?
Nevermind I just don't care
I've done that, I've been there
I won't stretch a hand,
not even a finger dear
You got yourself here,
get out of your own shit by
yourself, are we clear?
I'll change this whole scenario
pretty fast
I should've known that this
wouldn't last
I didn't see shit, nor say it, nor
heard it, 'cause I don't give a fuck
So do us a favor and shut the hell up ...

I'm not that cute,
Don't feel like playing games
Won't stoop to your level
and throw around the blames
Bare-naked, there's not much to hide
You should've never had tried to
steal my pride
Wisdom also means facing the shit
you have done
Sometimes words are as lethal as the
cold steal gun
if you stepped on them on your way up
then you haven't exactly won !

After all these years
it's so sad to see
That you still don't know me
You are as basic as one can be
Rethink those choices, honestly
As far as you know, you only
have this opportunity
it's about time to start takin' it seriously
The killer in me
told me not to spare your life dearie
So you just won a second chance
use it wisely
silly ...


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