sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2017

King with no reign ( Fate's joke)

It may sound like a bad joke
fate I mean
Slides down your troat 
the sour taste of sin 
It breaks my heart to see
your soul being torn apart
still it takes art
it takes magic, call it voodoo
if you want to
it has a spell on you
You take it, that's all you 
can do 
You enjoy the rain 
endure the pain
Risk it, for what you need
to gain 
King with nothing to reign 
Your blood on their rules, 
such fools
Nor good always prevails, 
but bad also fails 
We had it all, 'till we 
got off the rails 

They say it's karma
I had to love you 
to find out how deep loss
can pierce through 
Star-crossed, born to die 
for a while it was a blissful lie 
So short
So soon 
I can feel it
There's blood on the moon 
flesh in the water, easy prey
I break to my knees, but I 
forgot how to pray
We deal with the pain
forsake misery
Rewrite history
Try to change destiny
But love we are meant to be 
and there's no running from
that dearie 

In love with the different shades
of dark you carry
My heart is heavy
it's just us, we won't dare to 
look around
Our feet far from the ground
it's magic, let's call it that ;
No matter what
I'll always have your back . 

MKS . 

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