quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Let's call it truce

The flame keeps struggling 
against the wind
Against all odds I still sing
I still stand, and amazingly
I realize
that yes even to me it's such a surprise ;
You can never take it away
come what may
through each rainy day
No matter how shattered
the heart gets
no matter how many sour regrets 
I still write, it still flows
Resiliently it still blows
this whole shit apart
it still lives in my heart
Call it talent, call it art
I call it being me
The only one I know
how to be 
ah ah you drove me crazy
never lost the pose, 
the lady
Told you all to go fuck yourselves
and never stopped being right
You never came at me 'cause you 
know you would lose the fight !

I'm just sitting here on my throne
watching as the rain falls
I'm fine on my own,
all alone
but you are trying to get into
my head again
didn't you have enough man?
I won't say I love you 
'cause that wouldn't be true ... 

I may be gone 
but I'm not dead
Yeah I'm clearly still
all over your head 
You took a piece of my heart
I slowly torn yours apart
We are even, let's call it truce 
I'm the Queen, 
you'll remain the deuce 
Now let's just get the fuck
out of here 
turn the lights out
We are too far gone,
there's no doubt
I was the red apple
took a bite
Let it rot
There's no brain
just a nasty knot. 


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