quinta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2017

What could've been but will never be ...

I'm at the payphone
I'm trying to call home
Got too drunk
trying to forget you
That was the best I could do
Does it happen to you too?
Once you had one too many,
does it rush back?
Do you lose track?
of all the memories and
bittersweet ties
Do you feel like drowning
in a bed of lies?
I'm trying to call home,
can't dial
You won't pick up anyways,
I'm stuck on denyal

Barenaked for you to see
This is it darling, this is me
The sharks have smelled the blood
in the water already
My soul feels light but the
heart is so heavy
I'm being pulled down
and I'm afraid I'll drown
Oh won't you come and rescue me
Won't you save me from this angry sea

The Devil has a special place
in store in hell for yours trully
meant to be
Guess who will share the underworld's
throne with me ?
That's right, the best seat in the
house is reserved for you baby ...

I guess
this is what I've got left
such a huge mess
Me and all that was left unspoken
me and this stubborn heart that
remains broken
You and that fierce intensity
stripping my soul down
to the very last bit of me
Us and that shattered possibility
of what could've been
but will never be ...


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