quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2017

WhiSkeY & cOkE

Whiskey and coke
and a lover's footnote
He choked
When I told him
why my heart broke
Love's rope
is too tight around my troat

Ace of Swords, for so we'll
start a fight
The heavy war between the
dark and light
You are no match for the queen,
keep on playing I'll be on the throne
Keep on begging
I might throw the dog a bone

Queen of Swords, off with his head
I'm done sharing the enemy's bed
This King of Cups is about to drop dead
I'm such a fool, just not a fool for you
I'll keep on slaying you know that much is true
The Empress to the kingdom,
fall to your knees
You ain't getting no forgiveness
if you don't say pretty please
Take it back, all of it, your love
is a disease !
it came crawling from the gutter,
taking never giving
and I'm the one who is crazy
'cause I stopped believing ?!
Well have you ever considered my sweet
former King
that I still remember each sting
that there's a story behind each
note I sing
The problem is not that I don't
want to believe
is that you're not believable dear
Which one of us actually fought around here?

Crawl back to your cave hermit,
and don't you come back
The dead are buried 
and let's leave it to that
You can tell the whole world
how crazy I can be
'cause honestly
I couldn't care less baby ...

Now just down that whiskey ...


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