terça-feira, 3 de outubro de 2017

At a table turn

Set the scene
Boy where the hell
have you been?
You taught me well,
became the best you've ever seen
I'm the game's queen
No Princess
in a pink dress
Waiting to be rescued,
in distress
Naaa I was locked in the dark
me and my beating heart
Fell apart
Deep, deep down
lost the crown
But you know what they say
Baby it's the bottom of the pit,
up is the only way

Don't do this at home
it might end badly
Me? I got out alive, completly
mad sadly
Yes I learnt some shit
Nowadays I can no longer
remember how it used to sound, the heartbeat
it's sick
I'm happy though, that's 'bout it
From numb, to half way there
to dead, and not knowing how to care
Not a flying fuck to give,
this was going nowhere
So ...
No ...
Don't you think you can
beat me now
Even if the chance was granted
You wouldn't know how
I know each trick, each move, every play
I chose a different part this time,
I'm done being the prey
No more live bait
Now we've got some bad blood
Your word is dragged through the mud
Not a fool dear,
She's right
There's something to fear
and you can feel it,
it's near
We are moving on,
the show's over,
the crowd is gone
Close the curtains,
tell them thanks on my behalf
Sign my name
for this shall be the last walk of shame ...


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