segunda-feira, 2 de outubro de 2017

Drained out

Them foxes dear
Chasing us down to the
abyss of every fear
They're too eager,
and we are too dumb if we stay here
We agreed on the escapade,
is it too late ?
Too ambicious, we couldn't
fool fate ...
We bit the bait
and all of this is fake
Down to the root, to it's
very core
I think you already took more
than enough
We were here before
I'm drained out,
my cross to bear
No longer questioning
if it's fair
Never been someone
that would wait around
Could never keep my damn
feet on the ground
We never planned for this to go south
I should've never openned my
damn mouth
Their eyes are set on me, waiting for the
grand finale
Once again I bend backwards to feed
their guilty pleasure
Scavenging in search of a rumored
hidden treasure
But I'll get lost once again
Stuck in that nasty dark pit
Buried to the neck , same deep shit
Yeah captain we are going down
with the ship
All or nothing, place your bet
How does it taste like ?
Go big or go home
Don't worry of course you're not alone
Just say it, go on, can't sleep
Cold sweats, racing heartbeat
We know the drill, that's it
It builds up, the flame get's higher
They call you out,
their sweet liar

The big bad wolf doesn't
blow shit
Red riding hood turned into a beast
Fuck your script
I'll tear your happy ending apart
brick by brick
Bark all you want dear
I hold the pen
I'll write the end and then ...


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