quarta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2017

NoThInG NiCe tO SaY

Teach me how to pray
Lead the way
Preach, what do you
have to say?
Washing the sins off of
their hands
killing in anothers name
there are souls in game
Ten commandments
but you've gone bad
Societies fault you say,
'cause we are all mad !

We made them like that
we patted their back
The pricks, the assholes
of this world
Solemnly believe that
they have the last word

They taught us
don't trust the strangers
Keep your hands off of that candy !
But a heads up about those closer
to us would've come handy !

I'm nuts, yes true
Not perfect, nothing like you
But why do you care
about what I say ?
You'll keep judging me anyway
So just fuck off, and have a
nice day ...

Once again drifting
from the comfort zone
Driving fast towards the
We are so dumb
in a world so numb
And again
I did hold my breath
I suppressed such wrath
Oh we are all mad in here alright
Nasty war, ugly fight
getting critical
You're cynical

We are who we are
always under the circumstances
going back to the same old, same old
be quiet please,
remember that your silence is gold
When you have nothing nice to say
Smile and politely go on your merry way ...


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